2nd World Sepsis Congress

On September 5th and 6th, the Global Sepsis Alliance, initiator of World Sepsis Day and World Sepsis Congress, will host the 2nd World Sepsis Congress. The 2nd WSC is a free online congress in which over 100 renowned experts from all around the world will give presentations on all aspects of sepsis. The congress will be held in English and is open to everyone with an internet connection.

For more information on program, speakers, time zones, and to register for free, please visit www.worldsepsiscongress.org

Sophie’s New Braces

Finally have braces 😊 Look more like Lucy now more than ever and I love it 💖 My amazing twin and she will never be forgotten it’s 2 months ago today I lost my beautiful twin and I can’t believe it’s been that long.

I never thought I would last a week without my twin let alone 2 months. I miss you so much twin and I’m going to do you proud 💖 Now I’m going to look like you more and more everyday 😊 😂 💖

Corrie – Hard post but necessary – Sepsis

With the story line tonight that is currently on Corrie we appreciate and humbled by all the thoughts, prayers and well wishes.   As you can imagine it was very hard for us to know it was being aired tonight and tbh can not watch it yet.

We are thankful that sepsis awareness is being spread across all media including main stream television.

Lucys’ story of sepsis and her symptoms were the #SAMEBUTDIFFERENT please read more here https://lucyellis.love/about/

As a foundation we just want to raise peoples awareness of how sepsis could happen to anyone at anytime and people need to be more aware to the symptoms which can be VERY confusing.

Also want to say a big thanks to Chico (https://www.facebook.com/chico.slimani) for sharing our page and Lucy’s story through his Facebook feed and a live video. His positivity and energy would have made Lucy Smile on so many levels.

Thank you to Lisa Hardy for continuing the push to raise money through the “Lucy Ellis Raffle” she has organised, so many amazing prizes for the raffle gathered 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

There are so many people wanting to fundraise for our Foundation and we are all are very humbled with the love and compassion.

To come:

We will be selling T-shirts and wrist bands on our website which will include a donation to the foundation.

Still waiting on our Charity Number 😉

Need to upload a lot more photos to the Gallery area.

Working on a press pack

Working on a Fundrasising pack (Balloons, forms, leaflets etc).

Have fundraising boxes, awaiting stickers for boxes and chains so people can not nick them 😉

Have many ideas lined up with fund raising including a Gentelmens night, Running Fundraising from the Gwent Hospital the exact distance of the nearest ECMO machine just to name a few.  All being lined up.  So much to do and little strength at times…

Keep sharing, reading and giving. Much Love..

Be positive, or as James says PMA 😉

#Doitforlucy and #LucyEllisLove

Media coverage…


Cousin Oly

Today has been a mixed up day. Getting up early for work semi normality spending time with friends to finally being with Sophie, Cath and Neil. Rollercoaster of emotions.

As every day ticks by, Lucy is in our thoughts and talking about the memories (many tears) and constantly trying to #DOITFORLUCY and just “be” and doing simple things is hard.

That is what its all about, whenever anything is hard, a struggle, a challenge do it for our beautiful Lucy, as she would of.

May I also have the time to say how incredibly strong and inspiring Cath, Neil and Sophie have been. Also how much of a help my nan, my father and family have been. Also especially James, he’s been incredible!

Lucy’s passing has been horrible for all of us to go through and thank you to everyone thats made it more managble, the donations and support has been amazing.

Lets please make sure it doesn’t stop and this is just the start.

The 3 goals of our foundation WILL BE achieved and all starts with you reading this.


Never a moment without you in my thoughts.

Hope we are doing you proud XXX


Ed Sheeran – Special

Just a quick update on Sophie’s experience last Saturday. 🙂

Smiling Sophie makes us all smile.

Lovely special guy.

She met Ed’s agent at 6:40 at gate 4 and was taken up to his dressing room. She still had no idea what was happening.

I told her to read her badge and she thought it said cool (cwl). Lol…

She then asked why is there 30 big bouncers and I said read your badge again, it was at this point she read “Meet and greet” and she broke down in a good way. (See videos below ) 😂

Ed came out and was the most down to earth guy ever possible. Lovely guy.

After being star struck and hysteric for the next 30 minutes we then went in to see the show.

We got to see Ann Marie on stage first and she was incredible . Beautiful voice and stage presence by her and her band.

Then Ed came on along with his loop pedals and a multiple range of guitars.

He captured the audience including Sophie and I for the next two hours.

Sophie had a truly special day full of emotion and joy. Thanks to everyone who helped with what happened on Saturday it couldn’t have gone any better ❤️

Signing out



Sophies first blog – Twin Twong

After my twin sister passed away I’ve realise Sepsis is a very big thing and there needs to be something to stop people passing away with it and after losing Lucy in the space of hours I’ve also realised spending time with people I love is everything and anyone can be taken away from you even if they are the best person ever and has not done anything bad in their life.

Lucy was 16 and healthy and she was taken from me. I still can’t believe she’s gone, yet everyone is telling me everyday she’s not gone, I know what they mean now.  Even though she’s not here in person she’s here in spirit and still bossing me around 😂.

After Lucy’s passing, I’ve heard so many story’s of other people with sepsis and it’s heart breaking that other families go though this heartache that I am going though.

Lucy meant the world to me and she was my bestfriend and my identical twin sister.

I’ll always love her and I’m going to do her proud and after I saw Ed Sheeran last night, I sort of realised not everything in life is horrible and life can have there real bad times and good times.  All we’ve got to remember is Lucy was an amazing person and she will never be forgotten and she will definitely make a difference ❤️.

I appreciate all the donations, thoughts and posts of lucy means the world to me and my family ☺️

As my uncle James Mead says all the time, PMA (positive mental attitude – even though it’s annoying how many times he’s says it) it’s helped me through it so much and I wouldn’t of got through this past month without my family and Amirah Reynolds and Oliver Larcombe they helped me so much I couldn’t explain it.

It means so much to me, I love you both so much 😚❤️ and everyone else who’s supported me though this ❤️




Ed Sheeran tonight – An excited Sophie

James’s friend Diffa gave Sophie his Ed Sheeran tickets for tonight’s performance. Thank you so much Diffa for making our little girly smile.


She is soo soooo excited to go and today had her nails done, brows done, fake tanned and new outfit. Got to look good for Ed 😉

Fingers cross Ed’s team can do something for her. Still hoping. Never know she may even get a selfie with him 😉 lol

Sophie off her own back did a handstand (didn’t have a clue tbh) for #nationalhandstandday and also hash-tagged it #doitfoucy again she was smiling. She did ask me to do a handstand, uhh no, can you imagine? All in all a good day so far.

Starting to collate all photos and videos today for a gallery type thing on the web site. Long arduous task tbh.

I’m sure there will be more on the Ed trip in tomorrows post 😉

Todays been a strange day

Whilst the story is going natioanly viral not one of them (national media) pointed to the website to donate.. 🙁 sad. Media gone wrong, they got their story yet haven’t given anything back ….

ECMO: We are planning a trip to the manufacturer in Swansea very soon to find out all the details on not just the cost of the machine but also what team and training is needed.

We believe the cost of the machine is around £30-40k but the unknowns at the moment are the staffing, training an other associated costs in having this specialist team (and machine) in place.

My brother (ODP at the Gwent hospital) emailed them to see when we can visit and talk more.

As soon as I know more i will update the website to have a better goal to reach on the ECMO front.

Life…. Today was a strange day tbh. Quiet and yet didn’t feel like we had gained any strength.

Today: I have sorted registration of the charity with Gov, sorted Gift aid on the web site, fixed the “The End” on Lucys story “page”. Ordered “Business Cards” for when we can not talk about the story of what happened “AGAIN” i.e. in the local Spar a few days ago.

Thoughts to reflect on with Lucys life with me and crying as I type…

Every single day, Lucy came home from King Ed’s (gym session) and showed me her callouses on her hands to prove she had worked out as much as she could (throwing xx kg to make her arms stronger). I have no idea why to this day she wanted or needed to prove her hard work/session to me as I always knew she did her best, always. Everyday!

This is why the scholarship is set up for. People that have a special or passionate drive to make a difference in everything they do like Lucy.

More updates to come.

Media today – gone viral Nationally

Today was a very busy day in the National media, only one of which (Local Link) asked us for any comments or review. Funny enough that was the only one that included our website link 🙁








We have postponed BBC and ITV interviews until next week as we are not strong or ready enough as yet.

We have been inundated with offers of fundrasing events in the name of Lucy Ellis Foundation and very humbled by everyone that wants to help. Much Love.

We’ve contacted Ed Sherans agent and has forwarded the request for back stage passes onto Eds manager. Fingers crossed.

We’ve contacted the ECMO manufacturer and yet to receive a response to meet up to find out more about costs and training needs.

We have been also contacted by an agent for a magazine article. Haven’t replied as yet as lots going on.

Sophie went to her school yesterday to meet her teachers, talk and gave out “Forget me not” bags of seeds, a temporary tattoo of her symbol and memory stone. She loved meeting her School teachers and tbh was the first time she has smiled going to school 😉 Thank you Bassaleg School for everything.

That just about sums up our day.

Much love

Neil, Cath and Sophie