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Too late all runners locked in!

So we have had so many requests to run for Lucy’s charity and voila what better place that the Cardiff Half on the 6th October 2019 to ease our charity into charity running.  Check it out, we are right up the top with some of the biggest charities in the country.  Cardiff half marathon Platinum Charities

If you would like a running place and join team #doitforlucy,  please donate £25 in the right sidebar on this page  (“£25 – Cardiff Half Entry” option) and I will send you a personal invite link via email for you to register your team #doitforlucy running space (we have 100 to give our as part of the package we purchased from them).  All we ask is for you to try and raise at least £250 in fundaraising.

I have also setup a Facebook closed group for all our runners to share training tips and progress to encourage our team during the lead up to the event.

And did I mention an after party?? more details to come.

We will be using gofundme.com to enable online donations.   As a side, we don’t use justgiving as it costs £40 a month and gofundme is free (and it is trustworthy as run by PayPal).   It also cuts down on the process of moving money from one place to another as all donations via gofundme will go directly into the Charities Bank account (PayPal payout once monthly, this is how they can provide the service for free).

Once donated and registered I will also be sending out Welcome packs.

In the welcome pack will be:

  • Custom sponsor forms
  • Lucy’s last school photo (6 months prior to her passing) to hopefully look at and remind you of your WHY.  Also it may give you some of Lucy’s drive/energy to keep you going if you are new to this running lark.
  • Brochures, Pens, stickers, generally stuff you may need to help you fundraise with Lucy’s story.

Instructions videos:


Instructions on how to get you all setup on https://myevents.active.com  (The official system used by Cardiff Half organizer to manage runner entries).   Video on how to do this here: http://muchlove.club/registerspace .

Looking forward to working and helping you where we can and you never know I/we may even build enough strength to do it ourselves, but let see how the next month or so treats us.

Neil & Cath xx