Cousin Oly

Today has been a mixed up day. Getting up early for work semi normality spending time with friends to finally being with Sophie, Cath and Neil. Rollercoaster of emotions.

As every day ticks by, Lucy is in our thoughts and talking about the memories (many tears) and constantly trying to #DOITFORLUCY and just “be” and doing simple things is hard.

That is what its all about, whenever anything is hard, a struggle, a challenge do it for our beautiful Lucy, as she would of.

May I also have the time to say how incredibly strong and inspiring Cath, Neil and Sophie have been. Also how much of a help my nan, my father and family have been. Also especially James, he’s been incredible!

Lucy’s passing has been horrible for all of us to go through and thank you to everyone thats made it more managble, the donations and support has been amazing.

Lets please make sure it doesn’t stop and this is just the start.

The 3 goals of our foundation WILL BE achieved and all starts with you reading this.


Never a moment without you in my thoughts.

Hope we are doing you proud XXX


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