Ed Sheeran – Special

Just a quick update on Sophie’s experience last Saturday. 🙂

Smiling Sophie makes us all smile.

Lovely special guy.

She met Ed’s agent at 6:40 at gate 4 and was taken up to his dressing room. She still had no idea what was happening.

I told her to read her badge and she thought it said cool (cwl). Lol…

She then asked why is there 30 big bouncers and I said read your badge again, it was at this point she read “Meet and greet” and she broke down in a good way. (See videos below ) 😂

Ed came out and was the most down to earth guy ever possible. Lovely guy.

After being star struck and hysteric for the next 30 minutes we then went in to see the show.

We got to see Ann Marie on stage first and she was incredible . Beautiful voice and stage presence by her and her band.

Then Ed came on along with his loop pedals and a multiple range of guitars.

He captured the audience including Sophie and I for the next two hours.

Sophie had a truly special day full of emotion and joy. Thanks to everyone who helped with what happened on Saturday it couldn’t have gone any better ❤️

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