Corrie – Hard post but necessary – Sepsis

With the story line tonight that is currently on Corrie we appreciate and humbled by all the thoughts, prayers and well wishes.   As you can imagine it was very hard for us to know it was being aired tonight and tbh can not watch it yet.

We are thankful that sepsis awareness is being spread across all media including main stream television.

Lucys’ story of sepsis and her symptoms were the #SAMEBUTDIFFERENT please read more here

As a foundation we just want to raise peoples awareness of how sepsis could happen to anyone at anytime and people need to be more aware to the symptoms which can be VERY confusing.

Also want to say a big thanks to Chico ( for sharing our page and Lucy’s story through his Facebook feed and a live video. His positivity and energy would have made Lucy Smile on so many levels.

Thank you to Lisa Hardy for continuing the push to raise money through the “Lucy Ellis Raffle” she has organised, so many amazing prizes for the raffle gathered 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

There are so many people wanting to fundraise for our Foundation and we are all are very humbled with the love and compassion.

To come:

We will be selling T-shirts and wrist bands on our website which will include a donation to the foundation.

Still waiting on our Charity Number 😉

Need to upload a lot more photos to the Gallery area.

Working on a press pack

Working on a Fundrasising pack (Balloons, forms, leaflets etc).

Have fundraising boxes, awaiting stickers for boxes and chains so people can not nick them 😉

Have many ideas lined up with fund raising including a Gentelmens night, Running Fundraising from the Gwent Hospital the exact distance of the nearest ECMO machine just to name a few.  All being lined up.  So much to do and little strength at times…

Keep sharing, reading and giving. Much Love..

Be positive, or as James says PMA 😉

#Doitforlucy and #LucyEllisLove

Media coverage…

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