Media today – gone viral Nationally

Today was a very busy day in the National media, only one of which (Local Link) asked us for any comments or review. Funny enough that was the only one that included our website link 🙁

We have postponed BBC and ITV interviews until next week as we are not strong or ready enough as yet.

We have been inundated with offers of fundrasing events in the name of Lucy Ellis Foundation and very humbled by everyone that wants to help. Much Love.

We’ve contacted Ed Sherans agent and has forwarded the request for back stage passes onto Eds manager. Fingers crossed.

We’ve contacted the ECMO manufacturer and yet to receive a response to meet up to find out more about costs and training needs.

We have been also contacted by an agent for a magazine article. Haven’t replied as yet as lots going on.

Sophie went to her school yesterday to meet her teachers, talk and gave out “Forget me not” bags of seeds, a temporary tattoo of her symbol and memory stone. She loved meeting her School teachers and tbh was the first time she has smiled going to school 😉 Thank you Bassaleg School for everything.

That just about sums up our day.

Much love

Neil, Cath and Sophie


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