Oly’s (Cousin) Tribute speech at church


The strength and talent you possessed will always be admired, and you will be eternally loved.

Proud of your mind, intelligence and maturity. I will always strive to be the person you were and were working towards.

It is hard to find a purpose or reason in this.

But mine will be to always make you proud and to be someone as you once wished.

Your name will be written in history with the impact you have had in all of our hearts and what is to come.

I will always be reminded of your beauty, whether it is a pink flower blooming in the summer, a star in the night sky or your sisters smile.

The Kindness of your Grandmothers

The Hard work of your Father

The Laughs with your Sister

The Strength of your Mother

Are all reasons I’m proud to be your Big Brother.

I Love You Lucy, You Will Be Forever missed.
Oly xXx

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