Lucy had sepsis so what is it and why did it take Lucy away from us so quickly?

Stop Sepsis – Save Lives

Sepsis is one of the world’s most common deadly diseases but it’s one of the least recognised. Despite this, it remains the primary cause of death from infection despite all the advances in modern medicine over the last 50 years, including vaccines, antibiotics, and intensive care.

Sepsis is a life-threatening illness caused by the body’s immune system overreacting to an infection.

Sepsis is not just limited to the blood and may affect the whole body, including the organs. If sepsis is not treated, it can progress from uncomplicated sepsis to septic shock. This means body’s immune system goes into overdrive as it tries to fight an infection, reducing the blood supply to vital organs such as the brain, heart and kidneys.

Severe sepsis and septic shock are medical emergencies and normally require admission to an intensive care unit and approximately 30-50% will die because of the condition through multiple organ failure.

Sepsis needs to be spotted and treated quickly, usually with antibiotics, before it spreads.

Medics say that for every hour’s delay in antibiotics, the chances of dying from sepsis increases.

So what can we do to make sure Lucy life makes a difference in saving other peoples lives?

Spread awareness of Sepsis with Lucys tragics story.  Using social media, leaflets and events to spread awareness.