Sophie’s (Twin Sister) Tribute speech at church

Hello, i’m here to talk about my twin sister.

There is way too many stories and memories we shared to fit in one speech.

Let me start to explain why she was an amazing, inspiring young woman, an amazing gymnast and the best sister i could ever ask for.  Lucy was always there for me, even after an argument, she would always be my shoulder to cry on. She was always the bossy one, and i was the argumentative one we was just the same but different I would do anything to protect my twin.

Although we were so different, me and lucy were exactly the same in every single way. We would share each others clothes but she always used to say ‘ Ask me first’, but she would never let me wear her black ripped jeans.

Lucy was naughty at times one time  when lucy was in my dads office, throwing the remote in the air and catching it, when it suddenly landed onto his apple mac and smashed the screen. He wasn’t happy.

Here are some good stories and funny memories too to think and laugh about:
She was a very athletic girl she would go to gym every day then still go for a 5k fun after she was mad.
She would always love her dancing like one time my friend Oliver was over and lucy was down stairs with him and I went up stairs for something and I came back and both of them was just dancing to some strange music, lucy did love her dancing she would definately join in if she could twerk or move hips, thats Amirahs fault as in year 7 we used YouTube to learn how to twerk and that’s how she always did it.

Lucy was such a beautiful young lady, but as she was my identical twin i knew she beautiful in every way.

I’ll will always love my twin, we were born together and even though we’re not dying together i will carry my life on like she would want me too, i will do her proud.

Maybe i’ll have to revise for some exams, but it’s what she wanted.

She will always have a large space in my heart, it’s no longer lucy and sophie as two different people, its lucy and sophie as one, and it always will be from now on.

I love you twin twong, and i always will. Fly high my beautiful angel, i will do you proud.

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