Sophies first blog – Twin Twong

After my twin sister passed away I’ve realise Sepsis is a very big thing and there needs to be something to stop people passing away with it and after losing Lucy in the space of hours I’ve also realised spending time with people I love is everything and anyone can be taken away from you even if they are the best person ever and has not done anything bad in their life.

Lucy was 16 and healthy and she was taken from me. I still can’t believe she’s gone, yet everyone is telling me everyday she’s not gone, I know what they mean now.  Even though she’s not here in person she’s here in spirit and still bossing me around 😂.

After Lucy’s passing, I’ve heard so many story’s of other people with sepsis and it’s heart breaking that other families go though this heartache that I am going though.

Lucy meant the world to me and she was my bestfriend and my identical twin sister.

I’ll always love her and I’m going to do her proud and after I saw Ed Sheeran last night, I sort of realised not everything in life is horrible and life can have there real bad times and good times.  All we’ve got to remember is Lucy was an amazing person and she will never be forgotten and she will definitely make a difference ❤️.

I appreciate all the donations, thoughts and posts of lucy means the world to me and my family ☺️

As my uncle James Mead says all the time, PMA (positive mental attitude – even though it’s annoying how many times he’s says it) it’s helped me through it so much and I wouldn’t of got through this past month without my family and Amirah Reynolds and Oliver Larcombe they helped me so much I couldn’t explain it.

It means so much to me, I love you both so much 😚❤️ and everyone else who’s supported me though this ❤️




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