Todays been a strange day

Whilst the story is going natioanly viral not one of them (national media) pointed to the website to donate.. 🙁 sad. Media gone wrong, they got their story yet haven’t given anything back ….

ECMO: We are planning a trip to the manufacturer in Swansea very soon to find out all the details on not just the cost of the machine but also what team and training is needed.

We believe the cost of the machine is around £30-40k but the unknowns at the moment are the staffing, training an other associated costs in having this specialist team (and machine) in place.

My brother (ODP at the Gwent hospital) emailed them to see when we can visit and talk more.

As soon as I know more i will update the website to have a better goal to reach on the ECMO front.

Life…. Today was a strange day tbh. Quiet and yet didn’t feel like we had gained any strength.

Today: I have sorted registration of the charity with Gov, sorted Gift aid on the web site, fixed the “The End” on Lucys story “page”. Ordered “Business Cards” for when we can not talk about the story of what happened “AGAIN” i.e. in the local Spar a few days ago.

Thoughts to reflect on with Lucys life with me and crying as I type…

Every single day, Lucy came home from King Ed’s (gym session) and showed me her callouses on her hands to prove she had worked out as much as she could (throwing xx kg to make her arms stronger). I have no idea why to this day she wanted or needed to prove her hard work/session to me as I always knew she did her best, always. Everyday!

This is why the scholarship is set up for. People that have a special or passionate drive to make a difference in everything they do like Lucy.

More updates to come.

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