Welsh Gymnastics tribute

On Tuesday 15th May one of our Welsh Acrobatic gymnasts, Lucy Ellis, sadly passed away.

16-year-old Lucy started her gymnastics career with Newport Acrobatic Club. She was a vivacious, happy and enthusiastic member of the club for many years. At the age of 12 Lucy decided to try Artistic gymnastics and for almost three years she attended Cardiff Central Youth Novice Squad.

Very quickly Lucy became an integral part of the Novice/Tumbling Squad, fully immersing herself in all aspects of the club and competing in and around South Wales. She also spent time volunteering for many of Welsh Gymnastics’ competitions.

Lucy’s passion for Acrobatic gymnastics was too great and she left CCYC to continue her gymnastics career back at Newport Acrobatic Gymnastics Club. Throughout her 9 years at Newport she took home many medals and had the opportunity to gain international honours by competing at the Celtic Cup in 2017 – a dream of hers from a very young age.

Lucy’s last competition with the club was an international event in Turin, Italy before training at King Edmund Gymnastics Club.

Lucy’s dedication to the sport was second to none and she was a true professional. She made some very close friendships whilst taking part in a sport that she loved.


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