Same but different


This symbol (slightly adapted Unicode Character U+2245) is the mathematical symbol for congruence. Its often used to represent twins. It means to our family the “Same but different”. It symbolises that Sophie and Lucy (identical twins) were the same but different. They always understood they shared almost identical DNA (and yes looked the same) but wanted to lead their own lives in their own way.

As a family we always called them “Same but different” from a very early age.

Sophie wishes to have this symbol tattooed on her when she is at the legal age. TBH, It was only after the funeral we realised tattoos under 18 were illegal in the UK (even with consent). Sophie was hugely disappointed (understatement) that she has to wait 18 months for her to have this tattoo.

Where did the idea come from? Do a google search for “Same but different tattoo” and another search for “Twin tattoo”.

This is where the symbol came from and we decided as a family this was going to be the symbol of Lucy’s memory just after her death and portrayed at the funeral and other leaflets etc. Btw, there was a version 1 idea of the Gemini symbol but it was too close to Toms symbol (those who knew Tom would understand).

HOWEVER, we changed the symbol slightly to make it more meaningful to us as opposed to just another mathematical symbol…..

Look at our symbol carefully and what is the difference?

Some would say they are the same but different 😉

Now, look at it on its side……

sll – “Sophie Loves Lucy”

.......  rotated again

lls – “Lucy Loves Sophie”

Very Special!

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